Academic Advising Services

College of Letters & Science

Request to Transfer into L&S

The College of Letters & Science (L&S) welcomes current UW-Madison students with an established GPA to transfer into the College granted they meet certain requirements: Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at UW-Madison and a 2.0 in their most recent semester at UW-Madison, including summer term. Please note: only new students, freshmen and transfer, who do not have an established UW-Madison GPA may request to transfer into the College of Letters & Science during their first term on campus without an established GPA.

How to Transfer into L&S

Freshmen and sophomores (with 53 or fewer earned degree credits) and new students without an established GPA are required to attend a transfer workshop. To sign up for a transfer workshop (spring and fall semesters only), students must reserve a seat using the On Campus Transfer Workshop link. Select "Letters & Science Advising Services" in the OHRD Catalog and choose an On-Campus Transfer Workshop. All transfer workshops are held in room 120 Middleton Building at 1305 Linden Drive.

Juniors and seniors (54 or more earned degree credits) are welcome, but not required, to attend a transfer workshop. Juniors and seniors refer to Request to Transfer into the College of Letters & Science. Please note the deadline to transfer into Letters & Science is Friday, April 7. All online requests submitted after this date will be processed at the beginning of the following semester.

If you are currently a UW-Madison student who wishes to transfer into L&S and need immediate advising assistance, please call at 608-262-5858 or email

Dropped Students

If a student has been dropped by another school or college on the UW-Madison campus and wants to transfer into L&S, the student must be readmitted by the original school or college prior to initiating an L&S transfer. L&S will not admit students who are in dropped status.