Lobby Photos Election

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The images below are campaigning for your vote! Please take a moment to learn more about the candidates and respond to this Qualtrics survey to express your preferences. You can also right click + save the images if you would like a closer look.

The pictures will be displayed in 20″ x 30″ black framed prints and hung in our 101 lobby. Candidates who do not win this year can run again in next year’s election.

Polls will close at 3:00pm on Thursday, August 11.

Knowledge at Library Mall Fountain
1. "Knowledge" at Library Mall Fountain
Research plaque at Alumni Park
2. Research plaque at Alumni Park
Pedestrian Bridge
3. Pedestrian Bridge
Washburn Observatory
4. Washburn Observatory
Bascom Hill View to Capitol
5. Bascom Hill View to Capitol
Bucky Well Read
6. Bucky Well Read
Students in Fall
7. Students in Fall
Bascom Hall Tulips
8. Bascom Hall Tulips
Be a Badger at Lake Mendota
9. "Be a Badger" at Lake Mendota
DeLuca Biochemical Stair
10. DeLuca Biochemical Stair
Geology Museum
11. Geology Museum
Glass Beakers
12. Glass Beakers
13. Biochemistry
Rathskeller W
14. Rathskeller W
Nick Inspirational Message
15. "Nick" Inspirational Message
Astronomy Building
16. Astronomy Building
SOAR on Terrace
17. SOAR on Terrace
Long Harvey Archives
18. Long Harvey Archives
Chemistry Students
19. Chemistry Students
Forward Badger
20. Forward Badger
A Chat with Tim
21. A Chat with Tim