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Can someone else come with me to my advising appointment?

Yes! Following FERPA guidelines, we will need you and anyone joining you to sign a release form before the appointment.

How do I declare a major and/or certificate?

All majors and certificates must be declared through their respective academic departments. Steps to declare may vary and you can find specific declaration instructions for each major & certificate in the Guide. Locate the major/certificate you wish to declare and click on the “how to get in” heading.

A course I want to enroll in is full or waitlisted. Any suggestions?

While we can offer some general advice for proceeding with wait-listed or closed courses, L&S AAS does not have control over closed courses nor wait-lists. Each academic department (e.g., Computer Sciences, Political Science, etc.) manages access to their courses. You’ll find contact information for UW-Madison’s academic departments in the Guide.

I have an enrollment hold on my account. How do I remove it?

You will need to contact whichever unit initiated the hold (e.g., Housing, Office of Student Financial Aid, etc.). You can find who placed the hold, as well as how to contact them, in your Student Center.

I'm having a difficult time in one or more of my classes. Where can I find more information about academic support and tutoring?

UW’s Academic Support website is a great place to start. If you have more concerns about any of your courses, it’s also a good idea to connect with your instructors and your Academic Advisor.

If I drop a course, there will be a "DR" notation on my transcript. Is that bad?

A “DR” notation is a neutral academic record that a course was dropped. It is not meant to be a negative mark and having a few “DRs” on your transcript over a four- to five-year period is not significant. You can learn more about the DR notation here.