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Freshman Group Advising


Mandatory group advising sessions are held during the first half of the Fall Semester for freshmen who attended Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) with the College of Letters & Science (L&S) over the summer.

How to...

  • How to sign up for a session
    1. Go to the Freshman Group Advising registration page.
    2. Click the “Login” link, located on the black bar at the upper-left side of the page.
    3. Select “NetID” as authentication type.
    4. Select “University of Wisconsin-Madison” and then click the “Select” button.
    5. Select “L&S Freshman Group Advising” from the list of options.
    6. Select the session that works with your schedule, and then “Register”.
  • How to reschedule your session
    1. Follow steps 1-4 above.
    2. Select “My Registrations and Learning Transcript” from the black menu bar at the top.
    3. Click “Cancel”.
    4. Select “Catalog” from the black menu bar at the top.
    5. Follow steps 5-6 above.