L&S Academic Advising 101

L&S Academic Advising 101 is  intended for all new students who advise with our department. It covers important information about advising and academic processes and procedures. Some of the questions addressed include:

  • How does academic advising work at UW?
  • What are majors / certificates? And how/when do I declare?
  • How do I access a DARS? And why is it important for course selection and degree progression?
  • How will enrollment for next semester work?
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Completion Expectations

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L&S Academic Advising 101 covers important and timely information about L&S academics and enrollment. As such, all new AAS students should complete it in Canvas by the designated deadlines. Students will enroll in L&S Academic Advising 101 at SOAR. Once enrolled, you can access the course in your Canvas dashboard or by following this Canvas link.