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Request to Transfer into L&S


  • Students must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at UW-Madison and a 2.0 in their most recent semester at UW-Madison, including summer term.
  • New students who do not have an established UW-Madison GPA may request to transfer into L&S during their first term on campus.
  • A dropped student must be readmitted by the original school or college prior to initiating an L&S transfer.
  • Please allow one week for your transfer request to be processed.


  • Spring 2021 Transfers: the last day to transfer into L&S for the spring 2021 term is Friday, April 16. Requests submitted after that date will be processed the following term.

How to Transfer into L&S

Carefully review the L&S Transfer Workshop presentation and complete the online Transfer Request Form, linked at the end of the document.


Lake Mendota sunset
Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison