Who Are We?

L&S Academic Advising Services (AAS) promotes student success for undeclared undergraduate students in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. We foster self-efficacy by introducing students to the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to explore and understand their liberal arts education. AAS also offers collaborative training and support for the L&S advising enterprise.

Every advising encounter is a learning experience. We have identified student learning goals that are important to know in your first year at UW-Madison. Those learning goals are:

1. Liberal Arts Conceptualization: Students will understand their fit within and influence upon their liberal arts
2. Curriculum: Students will understand the L&S degree curriculum.
3. Enrollment: Students will understand the enrollment process.
4. Navigation/Belonging: Students will navigate UW-Madison with competence and confidence.
5. Reflection/Growth: Students will engage in meaningful self-reflection regarding their academic goals.

Our Academic Advising Syllabus is meant to help students understand the advisor/advisee relationship, our goals for students, and how to get the most out of advising with our department.

What Are Our Principal Values?

Accessible. Welcoming. Empathetic 

Students and colleagues are received in an accessible, validating manner and in the way they would like to be acknowledged. Students and colleagues engage freely with our supportive services because they anticipate we will listen, advocate when appropriate, and view their situation from their perspective.

Available. Responsive. Transparent. 

AAS proactively reaches out to and receives communication from students and colleagues and responds in a timely and thoughtful manner using multiple mediums. We realize these communications are opportunities to both teach essential university information, and to understand the needs of students and colleagues. We record, reflect upon, and modify our communications each year.

Empowering. Informative. Supportive. 

AAS supports students as they develop to become confident academics in control of their life, possessing the knowledge, skills, and ability to act and make decisions for themselves. This is achieved as the student chooses to connect with an advisory relationship that promotes learning and the development of self-advocacy and self-efficacy.

Knowledgeable. Accurate. Collaborative. 

Students and colleagues are collaboratively engaged with a commitment to respect and dignity as we communicate knowledgeable, relevant, and accurate information about university policies, procedures, programs, and campus resources. This information is documented, current, and designed to be received in a manner conducive to student and colleague engagement.

Timely. Proactive. Reflective. 

AAS responds to the changing needs of students and the university, adjusting programming, appointment modalities, and communication methods to encourage all students and colleagues to fully engage with our services. AAS continuously reflects on current practices and anticipates the need for change.

Where Do We Fit in the UW-Madison Advising Landscape?

Academic Advising Services (AAS) in the College of Letters & Science (L&S) advises students across all L&S majors and disciplines. We work primarily with undeclared students who are planning to declare an L&S major. Generally, a student first connects with us at SOAR and then continues to work with us as they transition to campus, learn about L&S academics and policies, explore academic and co-curricular opportunities, and become acquainted with the academic and advising landscape of UW-Madison. Once a student declares a major, they are assigned an L&S major advisor, who will then become their primary academic advising connection as they complete their undergraduate education.

You may also see our academic advisors around campus at various L&S events, leading advising workshops, offering drop-in advising, teaching first-year seminar courses, welcoming new students at Convocation, and celebrating graduating students at Commencement.