Jen Gramer

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Academic Advisor

Jen Gramer

About Jen:

Jen hails from the Pacific Northwest and was born in Boise, Idaho and raised in Portland, Oregon. After completing her undergraduate degree in History and Art History at Syracuse University, Jen moved to Madison to complete a doctorate in History at the UW. During her time as a graduate student, she taught courses in History ranging from modern British history to the Second World War and spent two years living and researching in Munich, Germany. In her spare time, Jen enjoys watching and discussing film, reading, traveling, going to concerts, and playing the piano/being an extreme novice at the guitar while her cat listens in (judgmental) encouragement.

Education background:

PhD, History (UW-Madison)
MA, History (UW-Madison)
BA, majors in History and Art History, minor in French (Syracuse University)