Julia Meuse

Credentials: she/her/hers

Position title: Academic Advisor

Julia Meuse

About Julia:

Julia originates from Southern California and attended college at the University of California-Santa Cruz, where she roamed the redwoods and frequented house shows. After completing her undergraduate degree, she moved to San Francisco and taught English in France for a year, before relocating to NYC where she worked in the publishing industry. Julia decamped to Madison to pursue a graduate degree in English from UW-Madison, where she has worked as an English Composition instructor, a Writing Center tutor, and as a Career Advisor for English majors. She ended up liking Madison so much, she decided to stay.

In her free time, Julia enjoys reading, music, making art, hiking, foraging, gardening, and swimming in lakes and oceans with her family.

Education Background:

MA, English (UW-Madison)
BA, major in Literature (University of California – Santa Cruz)